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pillow cases

All our pillow cases are made from 100% cotton. Cotton is the most widely used material for making clothing and household linens. The production of cotton textiles makes up 40 to 50% of world textile production. Cotton leaves materials like synthetic fibers, linen, silk and wool grease far behind.

The main advantages of cotton are:

  • Good tensile strength, which is increased by the wet => ideal property for the production of stressed and often washed textiles
  • warmth
  • vysoká savost (vlhkost, pot)

pillows fillings

All our pillows are filled with a mixture of hollow fiber balls and polyurethane sticks. Traditional filler materials (feathers or down) are replaced with synthetic flesh (hollow fiber). The problem with conventional synthetic panels is their compression characteristic. The use of a mixture of hollow fiber balls and polyurethane sticks is a significant shift that provides an important reduction in the volume loss after being subjected to loads.

A mixture of polyester balls and polyurethane sticks are an ideal compromise given the required physical properties - fullness, flexibility and stability of shape after washing. The pillow is soft, comfortable and easy to maintain.

All cushions are made with coated lockable zip fastener, which allows the user to adjust the individual volume by adding cushions or, conversely, removal of the cartridge.

Fillings for this purpose are also available separately in packs of 250g.